The Parliamentary Intergroup for Subsidiarity was born in 2003 on the initiative of Maurizio Lupi which, together with Enrico Letta and other from all parties, gave rise to a place of dialogue between the various political parties, about the most important issues for our Country. Inrete follows the coordination and the search for organizations in support of the project.

The different political backgrounds of the promoters of the Intergroup, made it a unique case in Italy, beyond the sterile dialectic of opposition politics and a priori, that all too often divide the majority and the opposition and stifle all sincere willingness to work together.

In recent years the Intergroup experience has shown that it is possible, as well as necessary, a dialogue between majority and opposition, that is centered on the common good. And that can be a cultural and political convergence, when we compare it fairly on issues of common interest.
Over the years, the meetings organized, which were attended by representatives of national and international economic and institutional world and the protagonists of the cultural and social life, they put in issue from time to time, welfare, the environment , federalism, education, development, family, finance, young people.
The scientific activity and research that supports the work of the Intergroup is entrusted to the Foundation for Subsidiarity.