Lobbying, Public Affairs, Advocacy and Communication

Founded in 2010, we were the first in Italy to use an integrated approach to Lobbying and Public Affairs, by bringing together relations and stakeholder engagement activities and the world of Events, Media Relations and Digital Pr.

What we do

1Lobbying and

Public Affairs
Legislative and regulatory monitoring
Stakeholder engagement
Economic and Political analysis
Legislative drafting
Institutional working tables

We strive to ensure that our clients can anticipate risks and seize opportunities regarding business objectives and points of political debate.
Starting from the analysis of the political, legislative and regulatory context, we support our clients by developing effective institutional relations strategies to establish a direct and consolidated relationship with decision-makers. Thanks to our deep understanding of the policy-making process, we are able to foster the building of relational capital based on expertise and networking, adopting an approach that integrates Lobbying and Public Affairs activities with Media Relations, Digital PR strategies and events.

2Media Relations
and Crisis Management

Corporate and product press offices
Planning of press events (press conferences, media tours)
CEO positioning
Crisis management
Media & Crisis training
Media Coverage Evaluation & Reporting

We help our partners to communicate clearly and effectively, as well as to build preferential relationships with all national media..
We create plans to provide strategic support for the positioning and awareness objectives of public and private companies, including through the promotion of their CEOs and top management. We create messages and story angles capable of generating a decisive and measurable impact in terms of reputation. By means of specific Crisis Management actions, we intervene to prevent potential critical company issues, or to manage crises that are under way. We organise media training for corporate spokespersons, involving professional role players and public speaking experts.

3Events and

Institutional events
Public events
Corporate events
Digital events
Art exhibitions

Through events we connect companies and institutions with the territory; we tell stories and promote ideas, creating unique and personalised experiences..
Our extensive experience in the sector allows us successfully to plan and implement all kinds of events: institutional, corporate and large public events. We also organise “live” events and virtual meetings, such as web meetings and webinars, with the involvement of professionals from the digital world and using cutting-edge tools. We are also specialised in the organisation of art exhibitions: a field in which attention to detail, aesthetics and creativity – all features that always characterise our work – find maximum expression.

4Digital pr

Digital corporate communication
Digital listening
Web e social advocacy
CEO branding

Through Inrete Digital we develop PR and digital communication projects to support our partners in building effective relationships in the web and social media.
Our approach is measurable and oriented towards the definition and attainment of clear results.


Market Access
Public Affairs
Local stakeholders engagement
Institutional Events
Media relations

We provide support for healthcare companies in the increasingly complex challenge of communicating and building public and institutional consensus. We bring our partners to the institutional table, so that they can become key players able to provide solutions aimed at the sustainability of the healthcare system and at innovation; we operate at national and regional level through appropriate Advocacy and Public Affairs actions, which we support with integrated communication strategies and institutional positioning, with a view to offering a new Market Access tool.

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